dream team

spring / summer 2018

Stand up for your dreams!

SS/18 ‘dream team’ collection is about encouraging kids to stand up for their dreams. To stay kids as long as they want. To keep on dreaming and fight for the child imagination. Our aim is to make them believe that everything they imagine can come true. That the childhood is the time to feel free, to dream and to create and not to follow the stiff rules of the adult world. 

The collection is crowded by dream makers – creatures and imageries that don’t exist in real life. They come from Chaos – the beginning of everything, the world without borders and rules. You will find them on imaginative prints – to remind kids about their everlasting childhood with their heroes and no gravity. All prints are designed by a very fine artist from New Zealand – Nadia Flower. 

The collection is perfectly designed for night walks on roofs and hide&seek play, where kids can meet night dreamers most often. The styles, with some fun frills, ruffles and tiny pockets, are very easy to wear and give kids total freedom of movement. Faded colours are the fine base for strong graphics and some important tag lines. All styles can be easily combined together to create child’s own ‘dream team’ look.

Discover Kids on the Moon beautiful palette of colours and prints for spring / summer season.

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